Wellbeing Officer

Vilma Todd

I came to the United Kingdom in August 1972 and started my nurse training.
My burining desire was to be a cardiac nurse .
I developed a love for working in the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory –  which I did until I retired as a Catheter Lab. Sister. I loved my job , but do not miss it .

My aunt Tryphaena Todd trained as a nurse in Guyana at age 18  and, when retired,  came to reside in the UK in the 1960’s .
As the years went by she hungered to start an organisation in the UK where she could continue to help her remaining colleagues in her homeland by whatever means possible.
I can still picture her, sitting in her bedroom in Wealdstone with Betty Why, discussing how to start such an organisation in the UK.   Well, their joint efforts bore  fruit – that’s some 33 years ago now.  Now, with the influx of ‘new blood’ AGNAP is poised to continue for a few decades more.
I have always supported AGNAP, but kept a low profile until I was recently prodded out.  I am happy to be a Trustee in memory of my dear Aunt … and for the Dear Land of Guyana.

  • Liaising with members
  • Safeguarding
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