Welcome To AGNAP

Following an admonition by Margaret Brayton MBE, general secretary of the Commonwealth Nurses’ Federation, speaking at a conference of diaspora nurses: “Never forget your colleagues back home!”, and motivated by growing concern over economic and social conditions impacting negatively upon the health of the people of Guyana, a group of ‘concerned nurses’ met in Elstree and took the decision to form an Association of Guyanese Nurses and Allied Professionals. The following year (1988) AGNAP was inaugurated at Hackney town hall with the objectives of:

Relieving sickness and hardship in Guyana

Advancing Health Education in Guyana and the UK

Affiliation to other institutions and charitable bodies, in Guyana and the UK, which promote health, education and the welfare of the local people

In 1992 we took a mission of 51 health professionals to Guyana and received the Guyana medal of service. In 1996 we became a registered British charity (no. 1055894). Today we are still flourishing, striving to maintain our objectives as epitomised in our motto: PROMOTE SUPPORT DEVELOP.

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