Assistant Secretary

Sarah Gallagher

Assistant Secretary

Over the years I have worked with several charities and organisations as a volunteer.  This work has given me the opportunity to see the vital the work that charities do in their communities and further afield.

I was privileged to be one of the Trustees of the Claudette Abrams Memorial Trust and was able to identify an ambulance belonging to St John Ambulance and arrange for its transportation to BV in Georgetown for use in the local community there.

In 2003 I spent an amazing 2 weeks in Guyana.  I found a country that I felt very much at home in (except for the mosquitos who took a special liking to me !!).  One day I promise I will go back.

I was introduced to AGNAP over 25 years ago by Vilma Todd. I have been a supporter since and have helped with the luncheons, attended concerts and various events, and went to two AGNAP cruises (The Far East in 2009 and the Northern Lights Cruise in 2019).  When I was approached to consider being Assistant Secretary of AGNAP I saw this as a great opportunity to continue being involved in the organisation, and to be a small part of helping with the Relief of sickness and the advancement of health education in Guyana.  As a former NHS employee and a long time Cardiac Physiologist I appreciate how important it is for health and health education to be promoted at all levels.  I believe AGNAP will continue with this crucial work for many years to come.

  • Various secretarial duties
  • IT implementation
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