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Sickle Cell & Thalassemia

To date AGNAP has facilitated training in the UK of seven GSCTA healthcare professionals.  In accordance with UN policy, AGNAP will continue to help with the development of this fledgling organization through clinical training and updating of its practitioners both in the UK and Guyana.  Professional training in the UK will be provided through the Commonwealth Professional Scholarship Scheme.

Beacon Foundation

AGNAP has long supported the home hospice service operated by this foundation. Its team of three palliative care nurses, one of whom trained in the UK  through AGNAP’s brokerage,, provides home hospice care throughout Guyana: the only organisation to do so. AGNAP empathises with this philosophy and has long maintained an annual donation to help with the purchase of medications, including essential palliatives, for this service. It is now over ten years since its president, Claremont Lye wrote, The extent of AGNAP’s involvement has ensured that almost every Beacon hospice patient dies without pain. This cannot be overstated.”   Since the service now has access to more efficient palliatives, AGNAP has now increased its annual subvention.   


Support to this voluntary organization continues.  A caring mother, who lost her daughter to cancer and who benefitted from the support and counselling of  services in the UK, approached AGNAP to help establish a similar service in Guyana.  Hence AGNAP’s partnership with the Periwinkle Club  and the creation of “Donna’s Room”, where counselling and complementary therapy is offered to cancer sufferers, family and carers.

Marsha Phoenix Foundation Trust UK

Supporting Nursing Education in Guyana

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