Saturday, November 1, 2014

The award ceremony for this year's graduating BSc nurses took place on 8th November. Course Co-ordinator Tabitha Mallampati reports that thirty-three students graduated this year. The recipient of the AGNAP Award was Ms Melinda Patterson and it was presented by the founder of the nursing degree courses and AGNAP member, Mrs Gwendoline Tross. Melinda, from Nurney Billage, Corentyne, is nurse of the Intensive Care Unit at New Amsterdam hospital. In her letter of thanks to AGNAP she writes, "I am the proud recipient of this award which has motivated my continued desire for excellence in this noble profession. I encourage your continued support of this programme for the benefit of other worthy students".

Melinda joins a long list of recipients of AGNAP Awards since their inception in 2004.
The high calibre of the UG nursing course is confirmed not only by the three distinctions and twenty-two credits shared by the successful thrity-three graduands but also by the high number of past graduates who are now qualified doctors.

In addition, Mrs Tross, who now resides in Guyana, has herself introduced the Award for Leadership and Management which bears her name and was presented at this year's ceremony.

Some of the graduates