Saturday, November 1, 2014

As evidenced by the following recent quotes from Periwinkle's Administrator, Vivienne Mitchell, AGNAP continues its longstanding support for this club for cancer sufferers and their carers:

"Our welfare team is trying to build a relationship and trust with the community that will encourage cancer victims and their families unashamedly to seek help and encouragement from Periwinkle, which will lead to new beginnings and renewed hope in their lives."

"With the help of the Director of Nursing of GPHC we are able to advertise our existence by posters in the hospital. We are also able to send volunteers to offer their services to cancer patients."

"Posters on various aspects of cancer have been placed in public places and malls in Regent Street. A new counsellor has been identified. This should ensure more use of Donna's Room. This increased publicity and employment of a new counsellor, as well as the training of volunteers, has all been made possible through donations received from AGNAP.

"AGNAP: you should know in no uncertain terms that we cannot do without you!"

The Periwinkle Club is located at 148 Albert Street, Alberttown. Telephone 226 7152 and 223 8320.