Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mr Laleshwar CN Singh, CCH, our commissioner for well over 20 years, retired in 2015. We have to thank him and Mrs Latchmin Singh for their constant, unfailing and active support over the many years. We wish Lal a long and happy retirement. Latchmin the love and strength to continue as our PAtron for many years to come and their daughter Vashti, now a qualified MD in the NHS, every success in the future.

As one door closes another opens and we warmly welcome Mr F. Hamley Case as High Commissioner for Guyana and thank him for so promptly honouring AGNAP by attending our luncheon and our concert, In turn, we in AGNAP pledge to him our fullest support in the years of great change ahead as, together, we work with love and commitment toweards the goal of the happiness and prosperity of the people of Guyana.